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This Site is a place to HAVE FUN and Play by creating
WITTY and FUNNY Captions to a Picture posted on
our Daily .Caption Contest Check out Our Forum for games and a thread for Chat

How to Login

Once you are Logged in you can begin to post
Captions and/or Vote. If you want to vote but
not Caption you still must Register.

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How to Play

There are 2 Caption Pics rotating each day.One you
can VOTE on and the Other you can POST Captions on.

You are allowed to post as many captions as you want Per Picture.
But we do suggest not posting just to post, keep them funny.The Voting and Posting are anonymous until the end
of the contest.

You CANNOT  Vote for your own captions. We have
tried to make the game as impartial as possible to get
the TOP 10 " BEST" Captions on the Podium.

You can copy/paste a Caption to the forum and comment
on it, as long as it is not your own.You will have no idea
who's it is unless you guess, and that can be fun also :)

There is a HELP button on the Caption Page to assist you
with any questions you may have about the game and
there is a place to post questions in the Forum if more
HELP is needed.

This is an ongoing game and your scores are kept as a running tally for 10 pictures.

Gordonk here is the site mascot and he has his own
thread in the forum.

And most of all be FAIR and KIND to your
fellow Captioneers we all are here to
de-stress and play. Some caption pics care of Photoshopcontest (PSC)





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Game Rules

No FLAMING is  allowed, if you have a situation, take it up with Administration.

Appropriate Action will be taken just remember if "YOU" disrupt the forum and a MOD has to intervene it will be your head on the chopping block not theirs. Please keep it off the playground.


PLEASE DO NOT CAPITALISE unless you are Yelling.


The rest of the rules you learned in Kindergarten (click for a reminder) :)

So come on, what are you waiting for.....

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